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UK’s secret Brexit weapon: French cheese

agreed at Theresa May’s Chequers country residence – mapped out a position that negotiators knew the EU would never agree to. The suspicion in Brussels might be that the Brits will look trade this in later within the talks for…

European Commission publishes briefing on no-deal Brexit planning

Transport between the EU plus the U.K. shall be “severely impacted” with roads and ports blocked by customs queues and countless British and EU citizens could well be left in legal limbo if the U.K. leaves without any deal next…

Boris Johnson: Chequers Brexit plan have to be torn up

Theresa May’s new Brexit plan leaves the U.K. in “miserable, permanent limbo” and might be torn up, Boris Johnson said today, while stopping short of calling for the greatest minister to go. Johnson, the Leave campaign figurehead who quit as…

Court during the Brexit cross-fire

Honour on both sides with the Channel had been satisfied, for right now. The EU incorporates a promise from London it will pay around 40 billion to fund its bills and sufficient guarantees for the rights of EU citizens and…

Europe struggles to reply to Trump’s tax reforms

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Print Europe is trying to deal with back against U.S. President Donald Trump’s tax reforms. There’s one problem: The EU can’t agree with how to respond. The region’s finance ministers gathered Tuesday in Brussels to…

EU to do everything Brexit talks forward after praise for May

EU leaders are required to unlock the following stage of Brexit negotiations at the summit on Friday (15 December) after applauding British Prime Minister Theresa May’s divorce proposals. Her 27 counterparts are set to agree we have seen sufficient progress…

We need to nurture the biodiversity of one’s labour market

Europe faces a work revolution. To live, we need to heed words of Charles Darwin and change and adjust to fit our changing environment, writes?Denis Pennel. ? Denis Pennel is managing director?of the World Employment Confederation-Europe. A flourishing biodiversity Today’s…

German-Iranian gunman kills as a minimum nine in Munich mall

An 18-year-old German-Iranian gunman who apparently acted alone opened fire in a very busy shopping center in Munich on Friday (22 July) evening, killing at the very least nine individuals the third attack against civilians in The european union in…

Latvia-sized hole in European banking supervision

money laundering allegedly within the North Korean weapons program and U.S. criminal action on the lender. with national regulators arguing that your would be too intrusive within their national sovereignty.

Theresa May: Now EU must ‘get serious’ in Brexit talks

Theresa May challenged the EU to “get serious” about her consider Britain’s post-Brexit relationship in the bloc amid warning signs of dissent from Brexiteers within their party. The U.K. prime minister won the backing of her divided Cabinet Friday for…

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