A new way of EU-US trade: Less one is more

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Print Brussels and Washington believe they have got found a…

Court during the Brexit cross-fire

Honour on both sides with the Channel had been satisfied, for right now. The EU…

Mercosur free trade deal could fail over again

The risk that this EU-Mercosur trade talks get derailed over again is high, writes Iana Dreyer, spelling from the warning signs. Iana Dreyer could be the editor-in-chief of Borderlex.eu, a news website centered on EU trade and investment policy. The…

Jeremy Hunt describes his Chinese wife as Japanese

my?wife?is Chinese. Of your terrible mistake to earn,” he told Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi over a visit to?Beijing to talk about climate change and U.N. sanctions against North Korea and in addition trade. Hunt said china government is available…

Thai exiled activist: Royal succession is definitely abyss for human rights

The EU suspended Free Trade Agreement talks with Thailand after its military coup. Now into its?third year under dictatorship after the coup d’

UKIP leader under fire for lover’s ‘racist’ royal slur

The leader of Britain’s anti-EU, anti-immigration UK Independence Party (UKIP) faced calls to resign on Sunday after his girlfriend reportedly made racist remarks about Prince Harry’s fianc

Police search offices of Eurogroup President Mrio Centeno

LISBON – Portuguese 2 parents carried out searches from the offices belonging to the country’s Finance Minister Mrio Centeno, who this month took over as the president on the Eurogroup. In a short statement ship to POLITICO, the finance ministry…

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