The great ECB reshuffle is on

The contest to ensure Mario Draghi is now officially open. for the 1st time ever. Each of the governments were saving themselves for the ECB derby.” probably before the summer of 2019 – that there cannot be any sure favorite…

It’s June or free for eurozone reform: Bruno Le Maire

Stop talking, start deciding. the first Eurogroup meeting to end up being chaired by its new president, Portugal’s Mrio Centeno. “The roadblocks preventing an honest eurozone reform are already known for almost Several years, and nothing is actually done,” Le…

Merkel, Macron pledge to push forward European reform

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel pledged on Friday to accelerate efforts to reform Europe mainly because they prepared some pot declaration to make the basis of any?new Franco-German Elyse Treaty. The document will undoubtedly be published 55 years following on…

France and Germany agree with eurozone reform

Governments talk a lot about eurozone reform but can’t have their own act together. So it is time for academics to come in. and the sooner the greater. which came in are a “policy insight” jointly published in Paris and…

Continent desperately seeking inflation

Here’s a bright idea: Because the European Central Bank has struggled for many years to reach its inflation target, why don’t you change the target? while other voices are arguing against it. to 1.4 percent, then rise slowly in 2019…

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